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WAILEA RESORT ASSOCIATION, in conjunction with the Wailea Community Association, bring continuity to this 1500-acre resort on Maui. The goal is to make sure visitors and residents enjoy all this community has to offer. It is seldom that you can find a community with six world-class hotels, internationally acclaimed shopping, three award-winning golf courses, and luxurious residential properties working together to make dreams come true.

LAUNCH: 2016
LOCATION: Maui, Hawai‘i


Wailea Resort Association is the central hub for all things Wailea, often rated Maui’s top luxury destination. Their previous website had also been built in WordPress but was past due for an updated design that could take advantage of mobile technology. We also re-thought the site navigation, now that the site had grown so much larger. The goal was to service visitors to Wailea as well as residents and businesses.

During the extensive site refresh, we focused on adding much larger format images — and if you visit the site, you can see why. Over time, websites have been able to support larger visuals and web users want to see photos instead of reading. We also integrated their social media, embedding Instagram feeds. Lastly, we made it easier for press contacts to find the info they need to continue writing articles in praise of this stunning destination.


photo of Kathleen CostelloI love working with you and really appreciate your honesty. I so appreciate all your efforts and “boom boom boom” taking care of business! We are going to make a great team.

Shortly after launch, we received so many compliments, like this one: “Your new website is gorgeous!!!” Knowing that our partners are as happy with the website as we are makes my job so much easier now. We love the site, we love the quarterly performance reports, we love working with you. MAHALO!

Kathleen Costello, Marketing Director,
Wailea Resort Association


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June 13, 2019