Turnbull Fine Art

screenshot of Turnbull Fine Art website

TURNBULL FINE ART, is a gallery on Maui, featuring artists Christine and Steve Turnbull, and many additional artists represented in their gallery.

LAUNCH: 2017
LOCATION: Maui, Hawai‘i


The gallery was looking for an updated design that would grow with them, and be able to feature all of the artists in the gallery with their own unique page and sharable link. They also wanted to be able to post frequent updates. One, they are located on a remote section of West Maui and there are often road outages, and two, both artists are often featured in prominent shows across the state and on the mainland.

This client chose not to be web editors themselves and instead rely on us to manage their website content. We use a system in Dropbox that allows us to communicate across the wide distance and the many time zones, to seamlessly coordinate the updates.