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STACEY OLSON is an educator with a Masters Degree in Education. She is passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential and to love learning. She is privileged to live and work in Honolulu, Hawaii, currently at Punahou School.

LAUNCH: 2012
LOCATION: Honolulu, Hawaii


Stacey is a close friend of ours. After she completed her Masters in Education while working full time with a family, the last thing she wanted to think about was doing “another online assignment” – aka building her own website. We were aware of the potential pitfalls of working with friends, but we just couldn’t let her work with a stranger website builder who might try to oversell her on things she didn’t need. We spent time together looking at other educators’ websites and that was really useful in making the checklist for what was important for Stacey’s career, and, how did she want to present herself online. As an educator herself, Stacey loved learning how her site worked which smoothed the process considerably. We focus on presenting new concepts to our clients in the optimum order and level so that we avoid “death by jargon.”


photo of Stacey Olson, Educator“A few years ago, I was actively searching for a new teaching position and realized a web site was essential for me. As a first grade teacher, my classrooms did not use a lot of internet technology, but the schools vetting new hires expect to see a teaching professional’s credentials and philosophy online. Roxanne helped me figure out the essential content to put on the site and found a “theme” that fit my personality and budget. She also helped me not stress over not trying to copy every other teacher’s website!

One great result is that all of my credentials and Professional development are in one place, making it easy for me (and others) to find and review. Even though I don’t update it as much as I’d like, it has served me really well and I now have my dream job. “
~ Stacey Olson, Punahou School