Shane Robinson – Artist

Shane Robinson - Abstract Artist in Maui and Santa Fe, screen shot

Shane Robinson/strong> Shane earned his BFA at the University of Iowa, School of Art and Art History, and works out of his Haiku studio on Maui’s north shore and his studio loft in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a rare artist who moves seamlessly between traditional mediums, such as acrylic painting and furniture building, and digital tools, such as ICM photography and iPad apps. His iPhoneography piece, Gingered Torso, was selected for the 1st International Mobile Photo Awards in 2012. His abstract acrylic painting, EDGE : Green, is in the permanent collection of the state of Hawaiʻi. Shane is collected throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia with both residential and commercial installations. He has exhibited in San Francisco, Irvine, Miami, Honolulu, and Maui.

LAUNCH: 2015
LOCATION: Maui, Hawaii and Santa Fe, New Mexico


Shane is a partner in Bare Feet Studios LLC, which owns Bare Feet Blogs. He is one of those rare people equally talented in structure and abstraction. He has been a computer programmer since 1996, and, he has an art degree and an extensive artist bio. He uses his own website to test new themes and WordPress functionality. Like every client though, he can get too close to his work so now and then he gets to run things by Roxanne


photo of Shane Robinson, Artist, Programmer, Maui, Santa FE”I love working in WordPress. We’ve used it here in our company since 2004, a few months after it launched. I used to build systems like this – by hand – so it is a delight to install the free WordPress software and let my creativity take over. Roxanne’s project management skills come in really handy as she is natural at sorting the essentials from the eye-catching but unnecessary. That unnecessary stuff can really eat up time and budget, when any of us get caught up in the, umm, candy store that is the internet some days.”
~ Shane Robinson, Artist and partner at Bare Feet Studios and Bare Feet Blogs