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PUAKEA FOUNDATION The Puakea Foundation of Hawai‘i, Inc. was founded in 2005 in honor of Bobby Puakea, aka Uncle Bobby. The foundation is dedicated to preserving Pacific Island Canoe Culture. They have been a pro bono client of ours since 2005. Uncle Bobby is formerly the Head Coach at Lanikai Canoe Club on Oahu. He was awarded a lifetime membership in 1996 for his role in leading the club to many championship titles, including back to back wins of the Men’s Molokai Hoe and a course record.

In 1996 in cooperation with the Hawaiʻi Community College and its project, Hana Pu Kalii (now known as the Hālau Na’au ao), Bobby initiated the art of canoe building in an institutional and educational setting. Halani is the completed canoe achieved through this project. Logs and support were provided by Keauhou CC and the Kamehameha CC in Hilo. Click here to look at photos from the project.

LAUNCH: 2005 (with several re-designs over the years)


Uncle Bobby was my (Roxanne’s) first outrigger canoe coach. He is a true treasure for his knowledge of building a 40′ outrigger canoe from a hand-chosen koa tree in the forest. A long time coach and workshop leader, a private nonprofit foundation was created to continue supporting his work. Naturally, the foundation would need a website and an email list. It has been such an honor to help spread his wisdom and love for Polynesian culture!


photo of Uncle Bobby PuakeaWe love Roxy – she has done so much for us over the years and is always there to help us get our workshops and messages shared out on the internet. Whether it’s designing and printing tickets for our fundraisers or making sure our website and email stays up to day, she has always been there for us.
~ Uncle Bobby Puakea, Puakea Foundation


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November 26, 2018