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MALLEN CHIROPRACTIC is owned and operated by EDWARD J. MALLEN, D. C., DACBSP®. Dr. Mallen graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been successfully treating patients for decades with non-invasive holistic methods. The West Palm Beach, FL office is bi-lingual and also offers massage, acupuncture, and nutrition counseling.

LAUNCH: 2015
BUSINESS TYPE: Small Business, Health Services
LOCATION: West Palm Beach, FL


Mallen Chiropractic resembles many small businesses: they love what they do and want a functional website that simply works quietly in the background without distracting office staff yet with solid SEO so new and existing customers can easily find them. The previous website had grown old and was not easy to use on a mobile device. It also featured their bi-monthly newsletters as PDFs, rather than easier-to-read (and more search-friendly) than the blog section we added to the new site.

The office is bi-lingual so the blog content also is presented in English and Spanish. In transitioning from a snail mail newsletter that had to be printed, labeled, and mailed. We set up an email newsletter for the office and patients can now sign themselves up via the Facebook page as well as on the website and in the office. The email newsletter includes content in English and Spanish that is drafted by Dr. Mallen’s team; we then publish the blog posts and format the newsletters so they con focus on providing heart-felt, state of the art care. We also provide ongoing support by handling all the software updates and presenting a quarterly analytics and security report.


Ed Mallen, west palm beach chirpractorWe met Roxanne at a professional writers event and were very impressed with her knowledge and warm personality. We really like the fact that our newsletters went digital and are archived on our website. This facilitates one of our core missions to educate the community about wellness.

At our first meeting, Roxanne helped us organize and clarify our goals. She asked lots of pointed questions to gather as much information about us and the practice as possible. She taught us about optimization and explained it in a way we could understand. She offered suggestions about pages, graphics, text, and services that we hadn’t even though of to improve our website. When we saw the finished product, we were thrilled with the eye-catching graphics and the ease of navigation. The only challenge in the process was to reduce the amount of information to make the website user-friendly. But once again, Roxanne helped us with this.

The best feeling is when patients come to the office because they found us on the internet. These are patients whose first exposure to us is our website, and they feel compelled to make an appointment. The number of patients coming to us this way has increased dramatically since we created our new website, and it continues to increase. We appreciate your efficiency, professionalism, reliability, and fun!

Ed Mallen, D. C., DACBSP®
Mallen Chiropractic, West Palm Beach, FL


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November 26, 2018