Hermine Harman, Artist

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Hermine Harman is a “color maximalist swimming in a sea of glitter.” She earned her early credentials as a social worker and took up painting later in life in response to a personal tragedy. She is now in her 70’s, fully embracing her feminist ideals and pursuing her art with gallery representation on Maui.

SITE LAUNCH: 2017 (This is the second re-design.)
BUSINESS TYPE: Visual Artist
LOCATION: Maui, Hawaii


Hermine’s initial website covered the bases but didn’t have the vibrant colorful energy that is so integral to Hermine’s art. We worked together to feature many more of her paintings, to show larger and more vibrant photographs of the art, and to have a look and feel that conveys Hermine’s ebullient personality and creative flamboyance.

We also helped her create an email list to communicate with collectors and promote her events. Plus we helped her with marketing strategy for outreach to galleries and maximizing her Instagram account.


photo of Hermine Harman, Artist“There was an instant rapport and I knew that my website would be done right and express my art in an artistic way! And I was excited to see the finished product as it is artistry presenting my art and I am truly grateful!

A fellow artist suggested you because I was unhappy with my previous website and could not get my issues resolved! From the initial consult on the phone to our meeting and follow through on every detail that was important to me! I want to get my art more circulated and as a calling card to galleries and collectors and potential collectors and I think this goal has been accomplished! Now I have a website to be proud of that represents my body of work! Thank you very much!”
~ Hermine Harman, Visual Artist
Hermine Harman, Artist




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November 22, 2018