Hawaii Convention Center

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Hawaii Convention Center is 1.1 million-square-foot Hawaii Convention Center provides organizations from around the globe with a setting that is distinctly Hawaii in style while being spacious, modern, and flexible.

LAUNCH: 2010 (Management has since been brought in-house.)
BUSINESS TYPE: Hawaii Convention Center; leading tourism asset
LOCATION: Honolulu, Hawaii


This client wanted to start including social media into their communication strategy. We started by conducting a few full-day training course on how social media works, to get the team members “on the same page” together. In order to reach the pool of mainland business-focused event planners, we decided that adding a blog was the first key step. This client already had a complex website, used for booking large group events. With a blog, they’d be able to edit quickly and easily, while also boosting their organic search results. The blog allowed them to “show a little more personality” than was appropriate for the corporate website and also to feature many time-sensitive events and awards that would have been buried on the main site. There was considerable discussion about how to integrate this communication resource into the day to day operations along with deciding who would be the “voice” of the blog.


photo of June Matsumoto, Hawaii Convention Center“Roxanne was a fantastic guide for our introduction to social media. Her ability to focus on what results we were trying to achieve and her understanding of our resources and experience level, enabled her to develop programs utilizing social media that we were able to implement quickly. She has great passion for her work, and a strong drive to make sure that expectations are defined and met. – “
~ June Matsumoto, VP Marketing for the Hawaii Convention Center