Forever Home Cat Rescue

Forever Home Cat Rescue, Orange County, CA home page

Forever Home Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding “forever homes” for abandoned, abused, and neglected cats and kittens. We are located in Southern California, serving the Orange County area.

LAUNCH: 2012 (This. nonprofit was closed at the end of 2018.)
BUSINESS TYPE: Nonprofit Animal Rescue Service
LOCATION: Orange County, California


Forever Home Cat Rescue is a nonprofit run by volunteers in southern California. They work with the staff of local Petsmart Stores to shelter and then place abandoned cats. Our first challenge was to gain access to the domain they had purchased but had fallen into the hands of a previous web developer who was unresponsive. Then, we helped them determine how best to use a volunteer-managed website without taking away critical time from the cat placement activities. We added several integrations, for Paypal (to receive donations), with PetFinder, the service they use to list all the available adoptees, and over time also helped them with their Facebook page and Instagram account. Their services have expanded considerably and hundreds of cats and kittens are finding their “forever homes” as a result of the online business tools.


photo of Nancy Lievois, Cotton, Forever Home Cat Rescue“I volunteer for Forever Home Cat Rescue in southern Orange County, California. My sister, Roxanne, helped set up a wonderful new website for us so we can spread the word about our rescue and what we do. In addition, I had no previous knowledge of how to share our message on Facebook and she gave us a great tutorial on how to set up & manage our own Facebook page. Both our website and Facebook page are helping our message get out to many new and different people and has enabled us to find homes for many cats & kittens. Working with Bare Feet Studios has been very enjoyable and professional and I would definitely recommend working with them. “
~ Nancy Lievois, Forever Home Cat Rescue
(And sister of Roxanne Darling, co-owner of Bare Feet Blogs)