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COE CENTER FOR THE ARTS, founded by former museum curator and collector extraordinaire, Ralph T. Coe, is dedicated to increasing public awareness, education, and appreciation of indigenous arts, emphasizing hands-on experience and learning through actively engaging art. The Coe’s unusual eclectic collection of over 2,200 objects, represents worldwide indigenous cultures, with its core encompassing the span of historic to contemporary North American Native works.

LAUNCH: 2019
LOCATION: Throughout the USA


The Coe Center is an established and unique nonprofit for the arts, based in Santa Fe, NM. Their extensive collection of over 2000 artworks from around the globe is meant to be shared. They offer several hands-on programs, for researchers and local students to personally interact with the artworks, their histories, and the diverse cultures who created them.

Their previous website was over 10 years old and was built in an out-dated software platform that was both cumbersome to use and limited in its abilities. This is common in technology: what once may have been state-of-the-art, can decline over time unless there are ways to continue modernization. The new site uses WordPress, which itself was launched in 2003, but which has continued its upgrades and expanded its options, to become the leading web software on the planet.


photo of Rachel Wixom, Coe Center for the ArtsIn a few words, working with Bare Feet was terrific. They were professional and listened carefully to our needs creating something we can grow into. Thank you!

This new site is so much easier to read and update. I am still exploring how it works, but am thrilled at how much control we have. It will finally be easier for me to delegate some of the work to other staff members! This site is and has the ability to let our organization become wall-less. It can communicate clearly and reach out effectively to our constituents. It allows us to grow our online presence as we add bells and whistles of video, sound, etc. I very much look forward to becoming savvier in how it works…it’s fun!
Rachel Wixom, President and CEO, Coe Center for the Arts


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June 13, 2019