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BLANCHE BENTON is an artist who bloomed later in life. She is also Roxanne’s Mom. So this was a special project to create.

LAUNCH: 2016
LOCATION: Bloomfield Hills, MI and Palm Beach, FL


Blanche Benton, my Mom, died in August, 2016 at the age of 92. In the year prior, I had spent nearly a yer with her as primary caregiver. It was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Since leaving for college many decades prior, I’d spent very little time with her. We have quite the contentious relationship when I was a young, at times rebellious, woman. Getting to know her, adult to adult, was magnificent for me. As was observing her making art and hearing some of her life tales that were new to me.

I had built a previous website for my Mom while she was alive, to feature her art during an exhibition she had a few years prior. I rebuilt it after she died, to serve as memorial to her life for friends and family to enjoy. It also served as the central communication hub for details of her funeral and obituary. Working on it allowed me to spend a few more intimate hours with her.


photo of Blanche Benton with a margaritaSince she has passed on, I have no direct quotes here. I will say that my Mom was a terrific typist, though, and she really ‘grokked’ the internet! We used to FaceTime with each frequently. In conversation or playing Boggle, she would often be the first one to say, “Can’t we look that up on the internet?” She wanted an iPad when her kids and grandkids got them; she loaded it up with games and FaceTimed with family several times a week. I hope she would be proud to see her remarkable life preserved, right here on the internet. ~ Roxanne Darling


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November 25, 2018