Biophilic Art Photography

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screen shot of Biophilic Art Photography website by artist Roxanne Darling

BIOPHILIC ART PHOTOGRAPHY, is a personal site created to sell my abstract nature art photography. It features full shopping cart functionality and large size, high impact images.

LAUNCH: 2023
LOCATION: Santa Fe, New Mexico
PLATFORM: Squarespace


My name is Roxanne Darling and I call this body of work Biophilic Art Photography, which uses Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) techniques. These are single images, made in-camera, without digital or app-based manipulation. As an artist, I am interacting with my subject matter not to seek realism but transcendence, in revealing colors, shapes, and movements that are silently present. I begin each photo session by meditating in the environment where I will be working and intentionally invite the elements of the scene to come forward.

Although I already have an extensive artist website, I wanted a standalone site to focus on sharing and selling this art. A key component of successful ecommerce is to remove as many barriers to purchase as possible. Having one focus for the site does that immediately. Secondly, being about to perform search engine optimization exclusively for this artwork further supports helping potential art buyers find you. Thirdly, the art needs to be beautifully and easily presented; the Squarespace platform excels in this aspect and offers more opportunities to grow as the art sales grow.


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November 11, 2023