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Roxanne Darling

Roxanne Darling


Roxanne is the owner of Bare Feet Blogs. She built her first database on FileMaker Pro 2 in 1986 and her first website in Claris HomePage back in 1997. She loves helping creative people shine online and is known for her ability to translate complex topics into easy-to-understand, actionable ideas. She is also a mindfulness coach and an artist, so she understands what it’s like to move in many directions, with many inner impulses. You can read Roxanne’s full bio over here at our parent company, Bare Feet Studios.

Roxanne is a professional Circle Member with Squarespace and has been building WordPress websites since 2004.

Our Story

Bare Feet Blogs is the website services division of Bare Feet Studios LLC and is based on the north shore of Maui. Shane initially founded the company (under a previous name) in Santa Fe, NM in 1996. In 2004, we re-formed as Bare Feet Studios and moved to Honolulu. We moved to Maui in 2011. Then, in 2018, back to Santa Fe, NM!

Shane graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree; Roxanne graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree. We both fell in love with the internet in the early 90’s and have built our business by being curious about trying new things. Please enjoy an afternoon walk with us. It’s episode 778 of our popular video podcast, Beach Walks with Rox, which we started way back in 2006.

We initially came up with the name, Bare Feet Studios, when we noticed the entire team sitting around the conference table discussing a new name, was shoeless. Bare Feet came to symbolize our overall message to our business clients: the internet is here to stay. Take off your shoes; get comfortable; we’ll show you around and help you stake a spot in this brilliantly connected universe.

You can read more about our company, our awards, our speaking gigs, and our press coverage at BareFeetStudios.com. Bare Feet Studios was initially co-founded by Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson in 2004. Shane left the partnership in early 2023; he’s still available for consulting and trouble-shooting.

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