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You create amazing results. We think your website should be amazing too. Modern, fresh, easy to edit.

Short Turnaround Time

Time is precious; we get it. Our proven process takes your creations and gets them online in weeks.

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We’re minimalists. Start with the essentials; you can scale as high and as fast as you want, later.


We Translate Tech.

Not sure what you need or want for your web site? We’ll help you focus your goals and sort the essentials from the bling.

We build. You learn.

What good is a great tool if you don’t love using it? Training is one of our core strengths.

Must Have: Mobile-Friendly

Over 50% of web traffic is on mobile devices. Your site will perform beautifully everywhere.

Wake up to a new Bare Feet Blog website

It’s your time.

At this stage of the internet, a website is no longer optional!

photo of roxanne darling, owner of bare feet blogs and bare feet studios

Why Bare Feet Blogs

  1. I’ve been building websites, teaching social media, and winning awards for over 20 years. Put my experience on your team.
  2. I know what it’s like to be a creative entrepreneur while running a business. I can help you save time and avoid mistakes.
  3. I provide business results. That means laser focus on “mission critical” while keeping you away from “distracting bling.”

~ Roxanne Darling

Roxanne likes to work with creative people from all areas of the fine and applied arts community. That creative focus of hers appealed to me. Working through creative concepts and alternatives with Roxanne made me feel like I was working on a project together with a trusted colleague.

Jane Marshall

Marshall Design Studio

I had a wonderful experience working with and learning from Roxanne for 6 months, from 2013-2014. Not only did she help the organization (HCAP) to build our social media presence and a new website, but she taught us how to do things ourselves, each and every step of the way. I am able to easily make changes at any time and the website is immediately updated. I’m so glad we switched to WordPress.

Tehani Diaz

Honolulu Community Action Program

We’ll help you choose the right fit.

One more idea about time:

“There is enough time for everything.”
— Thomas Edison

Full Service Add-Ons

Yes, there’s more to doing business online than having a website!
Here are a few of our favorite add-ons, once your site is up and running.

monthly maintenance tools for your web success

Monthly Maintenance

We can update your software, write email newsletters, and publish blog posts for you on a regular schedule to keep your site fresh and open for business.

email icon for professional message sending

MailChimp Email List

An email list is the next most important web tool for sharing your message, after your website. We can set up your list, design your emails, and help you grow.

social media icon

Social Media

Do you do social? We can make sure your accounts are connected to your website and email list, and help you refine the content and timing of your messages.

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